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Forklift Sprocket Bearing

Forklift Sprocket Bearing CG Series
  • Model No.: CG Series
Every motion involves a strong opposing force of friction which is to be managed successfully for continued motion of that object However friction does cause a huge amount of wear and tear which in the absence of these bearings will render the...
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Forklift Sprocket Bearing is used to axis of the chain for vertical movement of a fork carriage.

It is a core part of the mast and has a role of lift and lowering of the fork carriage by sustaining chain belt in axis.

It is designed to special bearing for withstand eccentric load, heavier radial load and corrosion in harsh environments.

Special designed snap ring, various surface finishing, closed-die forged materials and bearing-exclusive case hardening heat treatment makes more eccentric, heavy radial load and durability.